National Bar Association



The main mission of the National Bar Association is to promote the interests and protect the rights of all attorneys-at-law so that the profession of the attorney-at-law becomes respected, protected, highly paid, independent and endowed with a real procedural and institutional status.

About The National Bar Association


The National Bar Association (NBA) is a non-profit, independent, professional, self-governing, self-financed organization.

The NBA acts in order to represent and protect the interests of attorneys-at-law and bar associations in state and other organizations, to coordinate the activities of bar associations, and to ensure a high level of legal assistance provided by attorneys-at-law.

The NBA was established on June 23, 2012. Its founders are all local bar associations of Kazakhstan.

The NBA represents the interests of about 6,000 attorneys-at-law who are members of 17 local bar associations. In accordance with legislation only attorney-at-law can be a criminal defense lawyer.



  • independence
  • equality of all members of the NBA
  • transparency of activities, accountability, responsibility to its members
  • efficiency, consistency and expeditiousness in decision-making and their implementation



  • consolidation of the attorneys-at-law community
  • coordination of activities of local bar associations
  • representation and protection of interests of local bar associations and attorneys-at-law in state and other organizations
  • ensuring the quality of legal assistance provided by attorneys-at-law by taking measures for the uniform application of legislation regulating issues of bar
  • raising the prestige of the attorneys-at-law profession, strengthening the organizational and legal foundations of bar, social and legal protection of attorneys-at-law
  • introduction of recognized international principles for the organization and activities of the bar, rules of professional conduct for attorneys-at-law
  • participation in the formation of civil society and the rule of law
  • establishment and development of professional and cultural relations of attorneys-at-law at the regional and international levels
  • assistance in improving the legal culture and legal awareness of citizens
  • coverage of issues and problems of the bar and activities of attorneys-at-law, national and international law through the implementation of publishing activities



                                                                    - Republican Conference of Bar Associations (supreme body) 

                                                                    - Presidium (collective executive body)

                                                                    - Chairman

                                                                    - Аudit Commission

                                                                    - Disciplinary Commission

                                                                    - Research Advisory Council



The specific law regulating the activities of attorneys-at-law is the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On bar and legal assistance" dated July 5, 2018, No. 176-VІ.



  • is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who has a law degree and provides legal assistance on a professional basis regulated by the Law;
  • must have a valid license to practice law and be a member of the local bar association;
  • is prohibited from being a public officer and running any kind of business;
  • can provide legal assistance throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as outside if it is required and does not contradict the legislation of the relevant states and international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The term of “attorney-at-law” in Kazakh and Russian languages is “advocate” which, in general, means the lawyer who has the right to provide for any kind of legal assistance including defense in court.


Professional defense in criminal cases is performed exclusively by attorneys-at-law.

Attorney-at-law performs his activities:


  • individually;
  • in the legal advice center;
  • in a law office established solely by him or jointly with other attorneys-at-law.


The rights of attorney-at-law are not subject to restrictions except for cases expressly provided for by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Intervention or obstruction of lawful attorney-at-law activities entails liability.

Attorney-at-law is guaranteed with the right to ensure security in the exercise of his professional activities.